The Match – Children’s Short Story

Another snippet from a children’s short story called The Match

When I was ten-years-old, my Dad was the most exciting person in the world. He was a tall man with bright blue eyes that seemed to sparkle when he spoke of exciting things – mainly football! Dad and I spent all of our time playing football together in the garden. We used flower pots for goalposts and sticks dug into the ground for corner flags. We were football-BARMY! When I wasn’t playing football, I was watching football. Dad would record episodes of Match of the Day onto video cassette for me. I would study those tapes for hours on end. This caused many an argument between my sister and I…’Will you turn that ROTTEN football off!’ Susan would screech. ‘I want to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch!’ I would never let Susan boss me around – even if she was eighteen months older than me. I would puff out my chest and tell her to ‘GET LOST!’ – at which point a scuffle would usually ensue!



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